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Sujith Alahari CEO

We deliver unique solutions to each client, because we believe every client is different and we try to exceed each and every client expectations!

Our Mission

Nellore has traditionally been a fast growing city and is second to none in terms of adopting to changing times. Apart from the rich culture Nellore has to offer, it is also known for numerous educational institutions, which consistently provide graduates year after year. We realized Nellore has tremendous potential to attract I.T investments & I.T resources, because of the geographically ideal location from Chennai, Vijayawada, Tirupati & Bangalore. We have the quality workforce required, but for lack of opportunities, most of our youngsters are moving to big cities in search of opportunities in I.T / I.T.E.S space. This has given us the thought, the inspiration, the mission to launch a FIRST full fledged I.T / I.T.E.S services company in Nellore.

Our Vision

  • To put Nellore City on the I.T map of the state
  • To provide job opportunities for Nellore-ians locally
  • To bring positive economic change for large number of people locally

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Traditionally refers to outsourcing Small portions or full recruitment cycle to recruiting or external staffing agencies. RPO transfers the responsibility completely to a third party staffing agency and the fee for such services will be typically a percentage of the total hire annual budget.

Adwait Algorithm Introduces a unique combination of services and technology for maximizing your recruiting efficiency which is called RPO On – Demand. One of its unique methodology

Our RPO On-Demand solution is a highly scalable end-to-end RPO solution that allows for rapid implementation to help manage a small, medium or high-volume hiring in niche skills, or generic skills or rare to find skills.

An on-demand RPO, Our Recruiting Division allows clients to implement programs with zero upfront costs where you may start, stop or pause, at any time. Our goal is to improve how talent is sourced and delivered. We deliver a cost-effective approach to recruiting.

Our On - Demand Services offers wide range of services from sourcing, screening, background checks to full- life cycle of recruiting. These services are delivered by dedicated experienced sourcing, screening and recruiting experts who work as an “extended team” for your recruiting department. Our recruiters represent and promote your company to candidates and clients. Our On Demand services are offered at a monthly flat fee basis without any long-term contractual commitments.

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