Adwait Algorithm Celebrates India’s 70th Independence Day

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What can else be a moment of joy and happiness other than celebrating Independence Day with colleagues in office! AA celebrated the nation’s 70th Independence Day everyone was energized, excited and keyed up to celebrate the Independence Day in a grand note and pay their best tributes  to martyrs of our freedom struggle.


Sense of nationalism among our staffs were seen from the decorations that were made for the Independence Day. The office was entirely decorated with tricolor balloons, plus the theme based decorations with toys and flowers are amazing. Model of Gandhi’s spinning wheel made was really awesome real applauds to the team made it.


Apart from decorations teams were spirited up with freedom tone and displayed some fun filled cultural that depicted the unity, diversity and honor to freedom struggle. All the teams presented different varieties of cultural right from dance, drama, speeches, games and more, but the real highlight of the events was the display of Gandhi’s Dandi March by our staffs. Though we are all not born to witness this great Gandhi’s event at Dandi AA team recreated it at Nellore to have a glimpse of the march and took us right to 1930 itself, its splendid hats off to all team members performed it. After the performance prices were distributed to the best performers and participants in the celebration event.


On Independence Day AA takes its oath to value the nation, respect those who sacrificed their lives in the struggle for the freedom, for today making us enjoy the life with real power and privileges.


One big message our Independence Day conveys is Unity is Strength when there is unity among team members and collective collaboration prevails in the office the results are wonderful and anything can be achievable.


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