Criteria’s to choose the Best RPO Service Provider

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Day by day the pressure to fix right resource for the vacant positions in mounting, recruiting from inside organization seems to be uphill task, time consuming but no definite results, projects are standing still and incomplete requires immediate force to reckon with. At this juncture deciding outsourcing is the right decision that too RPO is the wise approach but how and who is the big question to be asked and ascertained, who refers to finding the right RPO company to find talents for the company within time frame.

 If large numbers of RPO company exist how to narrow the right company. The process of RPO comes with a model that gives plenty of benefits to companies, that is namely On Demand RPO. The RPO companies offering On Demand model of RPO is most sought after then the elements to choose the best On Demand service provider is given below:

Ask on Experience: Experience of the staffs i.e. recruiters, team leaders, managers also the company’s experience in the industry plays a major factor. The company and staffs with relative high experience eventually be experts in recruitment simultaneously meets the recruitment objective of the client.

 Know the Organization Size:  Size of the On Demand RPO Company has to be determined because if the RPO Company is big the number of staffs to handle will be more this ensures to close the openings on time hence exact to meet clients project deadlines. Enables RPO Company to provide volume hiring to customers as and when needed.

Whether Scalability Possible: If the company has the capacity to scale its manpower and infrastructure favoring high volume recruitment without any hurdles or breaks then this is a vital beneficial component to consider for. Apart from expert recruiters excellent infrastructure is also a vital factor that influences excellent results including Gensets for uninterpreted power supply, fully air-conditioned facility center with high speed laptops or systems plus all the essentials a best corporate should posses for an efficient performance of its employees.


Having Industry Knowledge: If the company and the recruiters possess the knowledge on the industry recruitment they are dealing with and up to date with trending taking place inside the industry it is the most encouraging factor to opt upon because the recruiter has the capacity to understand description of the job task and thereby source the right matching candidate for the position.

Explore the Teams Engaged in Recruitment: The power of the team performing recruitment’s has to be explored and well known because they are the one who sources the right candidates speaks to them, shortlists and settles them in respective openings. Know the expertness of recruiters and their ability to close a given vacancy in minimum expected time. Also it is very important to determine whether the RPO Company is using their own resource or employing other third party consultants to do the tasks.

Up to Date on Tools and Technology: It is crucial to find out whether the RPO Company is using latest in tools and technology in stages of recruitment process because it is well known fact involving tools simplifies the process and helps a recruiter to source effective candidates in right time efficiently.

Upon understanding a RPO Company from the above mentioned facts it is identical to opt the correct RPO Company whom so effectively handles the mounting RPO tasks.

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